Readers Unite Bursaries

By | August 3, 2017

Ruda Landman’s READERS UNITE brings together people who believe that the future of South Africa lies in educating its people.

To this end, we support the historic shift happening in our country at the moment.

With the help of study loans, thousands of families are sending children to university for the first time ever, opening up a completely different future for them, and through them for the country itself.

Many of these families cannot support these students beyond the study bursaries granted.

The young people have to sink or swim, not only in the challenging new environment of tertiary education, but also financially.

Many universities now have feeding schemes, because so many students are quite simply going hungry.

StudyTrust receives bursary applicants on behalf of the Readers Unite Bursary Fund.

Applicants who satisfy the following criteria will be considered:
• Study at a public university towards any degree. Financial need.
• Academic excellence – they must be strong enough to survive the demands of university education.
• Book clubs may nominate candidates, who will get preference if the above criteria have been satisfied.

What we expect from bursary beneficiaries
• To work hard and make use of all the support available.
• Failing a subject once will not mean immediate disqualification, but there must be a clear commitment to catching up and graduating – not more than one year beyond the minimum time.
• As soon as the students start working, they have to contribute to the fund at the same level as the book club members, for at least the number of years of the bursary.
• We do hope that they will find the means and the motivation to continue even beyond that.
• Where practical, they must act as mentors for the next group.

Application procedure

Due to a possible postal strike and the likelihood of applications not reaching us before the closing date, we encourage applicants to make use of the Online Application Feature .

Email your completed form and supporting documents in PDF format (not exceeding 1 MB) to or fax 086 538 1537

If you require an application form to be posted to you, please sms the word STUDY, your name, surname, postal address & postal code to 31022. (Standard sms rates apply)

Completed application forms may still be submitted to the postal address, StudyTrust, Private bag X16, Braamfontein, 2017.

For applying online, please indicate in the relevant dropdown menu that you are applying for the Readers Unite Bursary Programme under bursary type.

We will, however, consider your application for other bursaries too, so you only have to apply ONCE.

Closing dates:

The closing date for requesting an application form is 31 August.

The closing date for submitting your completed application form with all supporting documents is 30 September.

This deadline applies to all modes of application.

Acknowledgement of receipt

StudyTrust (the Readers Unite bursary administrator) receives thousands of application forms each year and it is therefore not possible for us to acknowledge receipt of all completed forms.

All applications will be considered and selection will take place from September to December.

All applicants will be notified of the outcome not later than 31 December.

How To Apply?

Apply online here.